NCVPS Credit Recovery options for Spring 2011

NCVPS Credit Recovery courses for Spring 2011 will be available for registration in October!  Below is important information about the NCVPS Credit Recovery program.  Please contact Michelle Lourcey (contact information below) with any questions.

Credit Recovery Courses Available for Spring 2011

Algebra I

Algebra II


Civics and Economics

English I

English II

English III

English IV


Physical Science

US History

World History

Characteristics of the NCVPS Credit Recovery Program:

The Credit Recovery program is designed for students who have recently failed the course and/or the EOC.  The course is designed for the student who has failed the course and needs to repeat the course.

All Credit Recovery courses are mastery based; this means that students will pre-assess at the beginning of each unit, and this pre-assessment will help teachers to determine which assignments from that unit are required for the student to complete for mastery.  A high score on the pre-assessment will allow the student to exempt most or all of the assignments of the unit.  All courses are designed and taught by highly qualified, highly successful classroom teachers in North Carolina.

All assignments in the course will align with the goals of the Standard Course of Study and will prepare students for the re-taking of the EOC.  Once a student masters an assignment, the student will move on to the next assignment. If a student does not master an assignment, the student will remediate the concepts and/or be given another assignment that assesses the material in a different way by his or her teacher.

Students will have weekly contact with their teacher in a synchronous environment as well as daily contact via the messaging system.   Once all units of the course are mastered, NCVPS will notify the school of the student’s completion of the course and a final numerical grade earned for the course on the final grade report. EOC testing will be the responsibility of the school; the school will also need to calculate the student’s final grade using the NCVPS final course grade and the EOC grade. Teachers will not distribute grades to the students but will communicate in terms of mastery and non-mastery of assignments.  Each school will need to communicate final grades to students and parents for those students who master the course.  For those students who do not master the course, NCVPS will designate those students as Non-Mastery in the final reporting.

Important information:

  1. Spring 2011 Credit Recovery runs from January 24th until May 31st.  The courses are student paced, so the student can master the course early, however, students are expected to work daily in the course.  Pacing Guides are provided for each student’s course and in the DLA SPA. All registration must happen through the student’s school level Distance Learning Advisor. 

  2. In order for a student to be enrolled in a Credit Recovery course, the student must have previously failed the course; the course cannot be taken for first time credit.    State Board policy says that students who have scored a Level III or higher on an EOC are not eligible to retest once the course has been mastered.
  3. The school needs to have a plan for supporting its Credit Recovery students during the fall session.  Every two weeks, the teacher will email the school contact (and the student and parent) a mastery chart detailing the assignments the student has mastered and not mastered. This will give the school a bi-weekly assessment of the student’s progress.  The expectation is that the school contact will be making contact with the students to discuss progress.
  4. Students must have daily access to a reliable, working computer.  Students also must be able and willing to devote 90 minutes every day to working in the course in order to stay on pace.

The registration system will be open for all Credit Recovery courses listed above.  You will find the courses listed with CR before the title of the course.  It is very important that DLAs register students for the Credit Recovery courses that have the CR before the title and for SPRING 2011.

On the NCVPS website under “Courses,” DLAs will find the course codes for these courses and the course descriptions.

For questions, please contact:
Michelle Lourcey

Curriculum and Instruction Division Director

This interactive presentation will help you gain a better understanding of the format of the North Carolina Virtual Public School Credit Recovery program. It covers everything from registration to communication to expectations. Click on the link to begin. Credit Recovery Walkthrough


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