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Welcome to the NCVPS Credit Recovery Teacher Lounge!

Welcome to your Credit Recovery Teacher Lounge! After visiting your eLCs and course lead meetings, we really saw that there was a need for a space just for you. A space that would house all of your current information, reminders, teacher tips, professional development opportunities, accomplishments, and allow you to exchange ideas. In a face-to-face setting, all of the above would take place in the teacher’s lounge. So, why can’t we have a virtual teacher’s lounge?

Well we can! We created this virtual lounge in an effort to promote quality teaching and learning, to provide you with a place of your own to exchange ideas, and of course to cut down on emails! We also wanted to make sure that you had a place where all of your tips of the week and other resources could be archived.

We do realize that it takes a special kind of teacher to teach Credit Recovery. You all are always being innovative and not afraid to be different. We truly thank you for this and all of the many things that you go above and beyond to do for your students and the Credit Recovery Program as a whole! In our eyes, you all rank #1! This virtual lounge is just one way that we can say thanks for making a difference!

You can begin browsing this virtual lounge by clicking on any of the above tabs of your choice or you can check out our blog roll to the right. All of the articles this week have been written by Darlene Schaefer! This week’s feature:

  • The High 5 Process according to Jennifer Crane.
  • The Scenario of the Month from Laura Richardson.
  • The Announcement of the Month from Lydia Richmond.