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This week’s Teacher of the Week is Jennifer Crane. Please read how Jennifer incorporates the High 5 Process into her course on a daily basis.

Please describe yourself and what brought you to NCVPS.

I got my master’s in English and a teaching license before I started teaching, so I am in my 4th year as an English teacher. I’m also a newly wed as my husband and I got married last June in Southport on the water. Since I have a M.A. in English, I worked as an adjunct English Instructor at both Cape Fear Community College and Alamance Community College, while I worked as a full-time English teacher. It was difficult for me to go the community college after teaching all day, so once I discovered NCVPS, I knew I wanted to start teaching online. I’ve worked for NCVPS for almost a year now, and I really enjoy it!

Share with us one goal in your VTAP what progress have you made towards reaching this goal. How have you made this progress?

One of my goals was to complete five new Wimba archives this year, and I have completed two so far. I am involved in the OCS ENG II eLC and the CR ENG IV eLC. In OCS ENG II, our eLC made a pact for everyone to make an archive, so I have two so far. Recently in CR ENG IV, we made Jings for ENG I’s EOC review, so I could take the power points I used for the Jings and make them into Wimba archives to further complete my goal.

Tell us about your eLC and how it strengthens you.

In OCS ENG II, I am the course lead; therefore, I have a leadership role. It has strengthened my leadership and my management skills. We have a large eLC with seventeen people, and all semester we have been working on course revisions. I have had to assign our eLC tasks to complete and to make sure these tasks were being completed. In CR ENG IV, I have become a more conscientious group member. When I see a video is not working, I email my course lead to let her know of the issue. I also have become a contributing group member as I organized our announcement embed code sharing document into an Excel document.

Describe something new that you have implemented this semester. How is this impacting student learning and how do you know learning is impacted?

This semester I have started including Vokis in almost all of my announcements, along with text. The audio part of the announcement impacts student learning as it impacts students who are auditory learners, and my partner face-to-face teachers have told me that the students love to hear the Voki characters say their names.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Rhonda Hill on May 2, 2011 at 7:41 pm

    What code do you use when you embed so that it does not affect your announcements? I like that you are adding that auditory element!


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