You Rock

Credit Recovery Teachers Rocking It Out!

We all know that it takes a special kind of teacher to teach Credit Recovery courses! You all are always going above and beyond the call of duty and you’re not afraid to innovate! We thank you so much for this and are extremely proud of you! I have seen some amazing things during the past few weeks and I wanted to share who has been rocking it out!


These teams have done an amazing job meeting weekly, tracking data, and providing necessary interventions in order to help their students prepare for the EOC tests next month.  They have a lot riding on their shoulders, and have stepped up with remarkable professionalism and grace.

Amanda Galvin

Amanda has been recognized in her face to face county, Chapel Hill Carborro as a High School level and District-wide level Chair.  The respective chair recognitions Amanda received were the Bernadette Sullivan Award for English and the Neil Pedersen Teachers First Chair.  Here is the website for full details:  Rock on, Amanda.


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